MIDAS Console Feature Requests

  1. #201 by Joel Buslewicz on 01-01-2018
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    M32 Mix App and M32-Q

    A couple things Iím still surprised havenít been addressed, but we need access to the panning within a aux mix bus. I have musicians/singers that pan things sometimes intentionally sometimes not, and at this point there is no way I can access that from the M32 Mix app?? Unless Iím missing something.

    Secondly can we get access to the aux bus EQ via the M32-Q app? This is a pretty useful function that is missing. This could go along with the desire for GEQs across all faders as well, but the artist should have access to their own mix bus EQ, and there could always be some sort of lockout programmed in if the engineer needs to do so.
  2. #202 by Tom Caine on 01-08-2018
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    Use M32 as control surface for other consoles

    I'm using an M32 for iem's. All instruments come into the iem mixer and I send them to another M32 at FOH via aes50.

    To be able to control the M32 at iem's using the FOH board would be super!

    Or I could just have an M32C and DL32 that the FOH M32 could fully control.
  3. #203 by Daniel Paglinco on 2 Weeks Ago
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    Hey Tom Iím actually looking for the same features/workflow for my m32/M32r/dl32. I want to have to places to control everything so I donít have to rely on WiFi/ iPad for one or the other. And to do a full split doesnít allow me to change monitors from one and foh from the other. On gigs with just a roadie or by myself itís inportant to be able to make those changes from either console. Fingers crossed they can make it happen. Thanks.
  4. #204 by Stefan Grill on 6 Days Ago
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    Channel Insert


    It would be great, if we would finally get an option for a post fade insert point. Imho it's a little embarrassing, that you're not able to do that on a midas pro desk. There are some guys out there who are not only doing music with pro desks.
    It's simply weird to use a post fade direct out and use a channel to get it back into the desk when using dugan automixer in waves multirack. just for example. I mean it's 2018. Or have I missed something?

    I hope that you guys will add that in the future.