MIDAS Console Feature Requests

  1. #221 by Chris Hawkins on 2 Weeks Ago
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    ProX Remote Server Auto-Start on Power-Up

    Would love the option for the ProX's remote server for iPad to "start" when I power up the console. I have sticky notes and reminders in the show file to turn on the remote. - but it gets skipped until musician says "is the remote on?"

    Seems like it wouldn't hurt to have it auto-start. There are probably scenarios when you don't want that remote server to kick on but for my install, it would help.

    Thanks for the consideration.
  2. #222 by Dave Backschies on 2 Weeks Ago
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    Allow more than 7 devices to be connected to M32

    The current limitation of 7 connected devices (to avoid OSC: Subscription Count Overflow error) is a major problem for bands that are all in-ear monitor users. I regularly with 2 bands that have 8 members (and I mix from iPad) with all using in-ear monitors. The current limitation of connected devices makes the M32 a not very good fit for larger bands with in-ears.