Using a loop in a non-looping mode

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    Using a loop in a non-looping mode

    I'm considering buying the VoiceLive 3 unit.

    I did my due diligence reading the entire Reference Manual to make sure the unit supports what I'm interested in. I also read the VL3X manual to understand the differences.
    Something that does not come out clear in either manuals is how to stop a loop or when it stops by itself.
    My understanding is that once a loop is assigned to a preset and triggered, it will loop indefinitely.

    Triggering a loop is well covered in the context of starting it. Can the same trigger be used to stop it? If so, will it stop immediately or at the end of the next bar? Or maybe at the end of the loop?

    My application is simply about triggering a loop playback (as an intro to a song I'm about to play) but I would like it not to loop back on itself. In other words, it plays once and then it stops there at the end of the file. Can the serial mode achieve this if there no B and C tracks loaded?

    I would have expected a menu to define the number of times a loop file must be looped on itself inside a preset when triggered (including until manually stopped) but it's not there.

    The VL3X supports backing tracks which would do what I need to do but I don't really need automation and not interested is paying the extra for the Extreme version. So if I can do this intro thing with the VL3, I'm good to go.