Separate 'Dry' and 'Harmony Only' Outputs from G-XT

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    Separate 'Dry' and 'Harmony Only' Outputs from G-XT

    I've read the manual, searched this group and Google, but haven't solved this yet.
    I'd like to separate the Dry Vocal and the Harmony to the two outputs of my G-XT.
    The manual implies this is possible:

    [B]External Mixing with Mono and Dry Outputs[/B]
    If you prefer, you can leave the level balancing between
    your dry voice (Tone active only) and a mono signal of
    the Harmony, Double and FX to your sound engineer.
    Ensure the Stereo LED is not lit and that the Harmony
    knob is set to full right. Connect the outputs to two
    channels of your audio mixer. The Left (Mono) output
    will send the “wet” effects and the Right (Dry) output
    will send your dry voice.These can be adjusted by your
    sound engineer.

    I do get Dry only out of the Dry Output, however, I still get a mix of Dry (original vocal) and Wet (harmony, fx etc) out of the Mono Output.

    Have I overlooked something or can it not be done???
    Thanks for any advice.