New firmware updates - Mic Mechanic 2 and Duplicator

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    New firmware updates - Mic Mechanic 2 and Duplicator

    Hey, folks!
    This is just a heads up that we've released new firmware on VoiceSupport today - updates for Mic Mechanic 2 and Duplicator, as well as new presets for Duplicator. Please update your respective pedal and enjoy the new features offered Details below...

    Mic Mechanic 2 Build 20:
    Adds a new mode which links the footswitch to the Delay effect only!
    If you hold the Tone button while powering on the pedal, it will boot into a new mode where the Reverb effect is unaffected by the footswitch. This means you can have Reverb constantly active while toggling Delay on and off with the footswitch! This setting is remembered across power cycles. To return footswitch control to both the Delay and Reverb effects again, just repeat the process of holding Tone while powering on.

    Tap Tempo timeout timer removed.
    If you hold the footswitch down for two seconds while the pedal is on, you can tap-in the Delay’s tempo. This Tap Tempo feature now no longer times out, so the pedal will continue to blink at the Delay’s tempo until you hold the footswitch again for another two seconds.

    Duplicator Build 19:
    Increases the maximum level of the doubling voices!
    This update introduces new “factory” presets which increase the maximum level of the doubling voices to be on par with your input voice.

    Fixes some internal issues, satisfying our developers’ OCD.

    Duplicator presets:
    Tom has graciously completed new preset voicings! In addition to the new factory presets, there are three packs of three presets - two of the packs are new presets, and the third pack is the original factory presets which this new build overwrites (in case users are accustomed to the original sound and want to revert). The new presets isolate octave doublings (just an octave below, or just an octave above, as opposed to both) and can even mute the lead voice effectively shifting the user’s voice an octave in either direction.

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