Connect Voice Live rack into MBox 3 Pro

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    Connect Voice Live rack into MBox 3 Pro

    Hi Everyone,

    Am trying to connect the Voice Live Rack into the MBOX pRO 3 as an insert so can play with effect on audio clip already recorded.
    But I can't get rid of a weird noise, like FM noise .

    First connections :
    I connected a TRS mono to the output 3 of the MBox Pro to Line In on the VOice Live Rack.
    Then 2 XLR on the outputs Voice Live Rack to XLR in 3/4 in on the back of MBox.
    I set up in I/O window, Tab "Inserts", I renamed the analog 3 "Voice Live Rack"

    Now, on my track with vocals, I add an insert, the Voice Live Rack insert and what's weird now, is that when I set up on the Voice Live Rack "Outputs as Stereo", I can hear effects on my track but still with a weird noise on the back, this FM radio noise...
    And when I setup the outputs as Mono on voice LIve Rack, I hear my plain voice without any effect and still with this weird FM noise but much lower…

    I was expecting the other way around.

    So i have 2 questions :
    How do I get rid of this weird FM noise ? (is it a connection problem, or set up problem or something else?
    Why do hear effects as stereo output rather than mono?

    Thanks a lot for your help guys !

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    Is This forum alive?

    Hello, is there someone around here? I see a lot of topic with 0 replies.
    Is there anyone that can help me?
    TC helicon employees, as this is the forum you redirect us, are you around here so you can help customers having hard times with your products?