MR18 / XR18 Windows 10 Playback

  1. #1 by Horst Friedel on 1 Week Ago
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    MR18 / XR18 Windows 10 Playback

    I'm using the MR18 connected via USB with my DAW runnig CuBase 8.5 Pro. Everything with the MR18 works fine, I'm really thrilled about the MR18. But as soon as Windows come in ...

    Here's the problem
    With CuBase I use all 18 Channels deliberatly for input or output, no issues. But I have absolutely no success in trying, to use the MR18 as standard audio out of my Win10 machine. I'd like to play with VLC, Youtube, Spotify or whatever but windows always says: "There is no audio device connected". But it is and works fine with CuBase.

    I watched some YouTube Tutorials but I'm stuck.
    Any help?

    Cheers Horst
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    I believe you have to change the windows default device. Try start/settings/system/sound...once in sound, there are dropdown menus for choosing devices for outputs, inputs etc.