Missing "Track Import" and "Performance import" Tab

  1. #1 by Yair Gat on 05-15-2018
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    Missing "Track Import" and "Performance import" Tab

    My VL3X has just returned from the lab after the main board had to be replaced.
    I'm re-configuring the device and trying to restore my work.
    When clicking the "Store" button i expect to see the "Track Import" and the "Performance import" tabs but they are just not there.....? (only loop import and export are there )
    Please help me to understand what am i doing wrong ... ?
    My Firmware is build 366
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    It sounds as though your VL3X thinks it is a standard VoiceLive 3.

    Try applying the firmware again, if it still thinks its a VoiceLive 3 after that, then I would get it BACK to the repair center as I suspect they have not completed/checked the repair after the main board was installed to verify that your device is as it should be, and that the serial number is what it should be according to the VL3X label.

    Hope fully re-applying the firmware may help.

    Good Luck

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    Missing tabs of track import on VL3X

    Did you ever figure out what the issue was? Mine is doing the same thing. Please respond. Thx AC