Mic Mechanic Firmware request

  1. #1 by Willie Smith on 04-09-2018
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    Mic Mechanic Firmware request

    Hey there!
    I have used a Mic Mechanic for several years (Version 1 with the latest firmware update)
    I play professionally in a band setting with three mic mechanics, and I am a FOH engineer for my day job... where I patch in two mic mechanics on lead vocals.

    It would take a little firmware to make this device absolutely stellar.

    It would be amazing is if the delay was the only effect bypassed with the footswitch. ...or at the very least if the pitch correction would remain active when the delay and reverb are bypassed.

    If the pitch correction and tone along with a plate reverb were always on and the delay could be bypassed with the switch, this would be the perfect live vocal processor.

    As it is, when I bypass the delay the pitch correction is also bypassed. This makes it necessary to add effects to the chain later it f I want to leave the pitch correction on.

    My humble thanks
  2. #2 by Willie Smith on 04-11-2018
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    I also see that this same functionality has already been implemented in the duplicator.
    ....So that the reverb and pitch correction remain on, when the doubling effect is bypassed.

    Please consider having the mic mechanic footswitch only switch off the delay, while leaving reverb and pitch correction active.