Bugera 1990 Infinium doing some odd things.

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    Bugera 1990 Infinium doing some odd things.

    Hello. I have a newer 1990, less than a year old. I love this thing it sounds amazing. However, every so often during play time at full band practice levels. (Clean channel volume 5 gain 5 / Dirty Channel Volume 4.5 to 5 Gain 12 o clock, so 11 out of 22 on the knob) I experience something strange. One or more of the valve indicators on the back will light up, stay lit and the channel selector switch will blink slowly maybe one strobe per second. During this there is a small drop in volume but not tone. If I turn the amp off then back on it will act as normal again. At first I thought it was a defect, I contacted Bugera, but eventually decided not to send in in favor of getting a new set of power tubes since I had heard mixed reviews of the stock tubes. I replaced the tubes with new ones. The amp is actually a lot louder now. I assume I got a bad factory set, but, although much less frequent it will still do as described above. Is this something that other users of this amp have experienced? Or did I get an oddball?
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    pardon me but..

    I know this isn't really much help, but I too Love my 1990!! I wanted to ask which brand tube did you decide on. Thanks!
    Good luck, as I have yet to run my 1990 at band volume so no issues here yet, Thanks.
    Live I'm still with my 1960. Another Beast!!
    Someone here told me once that the fuse can be serviced by ourselves. Worth having the spares around anyway after you try that. (seems like a power dip somewhere. The tubes were just a casualty)
    Again sorry to be not much help.

    Bugera 1960 and 1990 Infinium
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    I used these

    I installed Mullard EL34s they made a huge improvement in overall volume and tone to some extent. The gain saturation seems way better as well.
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    Dude i just posted the same issue. Did you have any luck? In my apartment i can only really turn it up to about 1. The first time i cranked it up past 3 ive have the same issue. I can play for about 20 minutes and then the v1 and v2 tube lights come on, the volume drops and the channel light flashes. I turn it off and back on and its fine for a little. I think there is some kind of overheating issue cuz it seems fine when im playing at very low volumes. I threw in a set of kt77's just to see if it was the tubes and it is still doing it. Bugera support is sending me new tubes but I know it isnt the tubes. Wtf?