"Behringer String Ensemble" and "Behringer Bass Pedal" synth ideas!

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    "Behringer String Ensemble" and "Behringer Bass Pedal" synth ideas!

    Hi all!

    I'm brand new on this forum, but I've been playing music for more than 20 years.

    I'd like to THANK YOU to all Behringer guys for making a great synth available a great price at last!.

    For AGES I've dreamed about an affordable synth reminiscent of the heavy weight icons.

    Now that they're about to release the VC340, I'd LOVE THEM to create "Behringer String Synth Ensemble" (or whatever name you'd like to).

    We all know that most (if not, nearly ALL) keyboards with synth section have cheesy, unusable, dated 80s DX7-based "synth" section ... forgetting something that made the synths so unique and desirable in the golden age of the 70s:

    Since Arp Solina String Ensemble, Eminent, Logan String Melody II, etc to Roland RS202 and 505, etc there were so much iconic synths that have never been replaced to these days.

    We do know there're softwares out there like Arturia Solina V, GF Virtual String Machine, etc but a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD with all those legendary sounds is waiting for someone to make it happen. The Waldorf Streichfett String Machine is more like a big "pedal" that has some great features (like the octaves, so you can have full sound with just one hand), but it's not a keyboard and it quite fails to reproduce the sound of the most iconic vintage String Synths of the 70s like ARP, Eminent or Logan.

    I'd love to see a proper keyboard bringing back all those lush, warm, overwhelming sounds, with plenty of options like layer, dual, split and programme. And of course, with a nice effects section and controls. And something that would be truly new for an instrument like this: aftertouch/ sensitivity.

    And another essential part of the synth world and sound for many classic bands and artists (think Genesis, Zeppelin, Jean Michel Jarre, Rush, Yes, etc) is something that hasn't been properly released in a plug-and-play form for ages: Bass Pedal Synth!

    Since the Dewtron Mr Bassman, then Moog Taurus to Roland, they've been a crucial part since the 70s, just like the synth strings.

    But, as what happen today with synth strings, there's NO bass pedal synth available. ZERO. None.

    So it would be so cool if Behringer guys put out there a great one, but with and WITHOUT MIDI stuff. Just plug and play, like the timeless old synth stuff. With a bank of sounds, some nice effects and options (octave, tune, filter, sustain, programme, volume).

    Really hope these ideas will be taken into account. While many are doing yet more of the same, these would be so refreshing and unique.


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