VL3X volume levels: quick vocals/guitar/BT changes

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    VL3X volume levels: quick vocals/guitar/BT changes

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Probably a dumb, newbie question. But if someone had a thought, I'd be most grateful.

    I've got backing tracks, my guitars (acoustic and electric), and my vocals all running through VL3X.

    As "everything" from the VL3X goes to my PA system, I've got to get the BT/G/V volumes right in VL3X (I assume).

    Right now I can do it, but very clunkily... and, playing live, it can take a tad too long.

    Any suggestions re. quick BT/G/V volume adjustments when on stage?


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    Hey Cat,
    This probably isn't a complete solution, but something to consider. You can use an expression pedal to control the guitar or the vocal level ("Gtr Level" or "Voc Level"). There isn't an ability to map expression control to the backing track level, but you could at least make one of those two a little easier to adjust

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