Hot signal from VL3 to FX150.

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    Hot signal from VL3 to FX150.

    This question crosses over products (Fx150/VL3) but the source is with the VL3 so Ill start there. I recently bought a new PA (LD Maui 5). Ive been feeding the signal from my VL3 to the 150 via dual mono into chan1-voice and chan2-guitar and then via Out to the PA. To clarify Im using the 150 as a monitor/mixer.

    With my new PA Im now finding the signal from the VL3 too hot ie showing red on the level, for the 150 to get any volume from the PA. It mostly applies to the guitar signal but does happen with the vocals. Ive spent a lot of time playing with both master and patch levels but to stop the signals peaking Im having to turn the master up full to get any reasonable volume out of the LD.

    Take the 150 out of the setup and sending the signals directly from the VL3 to the LD and I have the master on the LD at about a quarter to avoid blowing the windows out. Any advice or hints greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Greg,
    On the VoiceLive 3 there's a "Mix" menu that is accessed by tweaking any of the four knobs below the screen from the Home menu. On the first "Main Mix" tab there's a "XLR Out" parameter that you can use to lower the overall output of the VL3's XLR outs. Maybe just reducing the output level will help?

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