Isolation using in-ears

  1. #1 by Tony Venables on 02-06-2018
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    Isolation using in-ears

    Hi all hope you can help with my first post.

    We are a small Church and have been trialling a P16 personal monitor with our M32 which helps reduce stage noise in our small environment. Performers are however, complaining about feeling isolated from the room, loosing contact with the congregation.
    I thought I would insert some ambient input from the hall by hanging a microphone from the ceiling for them to call in on one of their P16 channels. Any idea what sort of microphone would do the job best please?
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    I have had good success using omni directional mics.

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    Also put them near the stage so the sound from stage won’t be delayed too much. You may have to play around with a position where they work. I have also had musicians use ear buds that don’t shut them off from the sound around them. The type of IEMs that isolate are best used for a loud stage where it is used to help preserve a musicians hearing. If it isn’t a loud stage you shouldn’t need the isolation.
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    Great thanks for that. I'll try a Behringer C1 set on Omni and see how they like it.
    Thanks again. T
  5. #5 by Stefan vom Bruch on 02-07-2018
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    Hi Tony,

    I guess that all the in-ear phones are already purchased and in use..?
    Otherwise I had some good results with another approach, that is earplugs that have additional specific ambient holes in them.
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    Thanks Stefan

    Good idea. Not all purchased yet we just have one trial set with a couple of £30 earphones sets for people to try, others have used their own.

    I'll look at that, Thanks