Can VL3X do this?

  1. #1 by Mike Strauss on 02-03-2018
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    Can VL3X do this?

    I've been looking at the rig setups of folks online. I came across this one guy that used a Roland GR55. He had a function plugged into it that gave him some synthesized strings behind what he was playing on his guitar.

    Does VL3X have a similar effect? If not would it be possible to include with a future firmware update? It sounds a little synthy, but it provides a pretty decent background effect for acoustic soloing.
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    I don't think so, but I suppose that you can dial up some pad'ish preset for your guitar (or even your voice) and put it into the looper that you then can jam over...

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    Synth Voices

    Nope it don't have midi strings or any [ midi ] voices period .

    It does have a few cool sounds that are close though .

    I use a Roland GR33 the predecessor of the GR55 .

    No short cuts when it comes to synths .

    EZ :