Best External Router?

  1. #1 by David Stackhouse on 11-27-2017
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    Best External Router?

    I recently purchased a Midas MR18 and an iPad Pro, and have been getting drops in wifi connection, even when standing just a few feet away in my own home. I'm trying to tackle that issue in another thread, where I've been advised to get an external router. (Others outside this community have also recommended this.) What would you all recommend? Thanks...
  2. #2 by David Stackhouse on 12-01-2017
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    I'm really hoping some folks will weigh in on this topic. I've had connection drops between my iPad Pro and my MR18 (both are brand new units), and if I'm going to drop more $$$ on an external router, I'm hoping for some models that have been tested that I can count on.

    I just spoke to a Midas tech support rep who didn't have specific recommendations. He did say that an external router will definitely provide more robust signal than the unit's internal router, and he did recommend I do NOT use Apple routers.
  3. #3 by Paul Vannatto on 12-01-2017
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    Hi David,

    I'll add my 2 nickels. I've been using dual band D-Link routers with no issues. Currently I have a DIR-822 and an older one (don't remember the model).

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    I have experienced this same issue with the on-board access point. I ended up using an Apple Airport Extreme and the difference was night and day. It's performance was rock solid. And with the Airport Utility app, it is easy to manage and change network settings (when needed).


    Jeff Malott
  5. #5 by David Stackhouse on 12-10-2017
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    Thanks for your replies, Jeff and Paul. Jeff, it's funny that you should recommend the Apple router, because when i spoke on the phone to a Midas rep, he specifically said not to use Apple routers. Go figure...
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    I just purchased my M32 last week, and I also was looking for a recommendation on a router as well. I ended up purchasing a Netgear R6400 and it worked great for me the first time out. I can't say more than that, but I do not anticipate issues. I also downloaded a free wifi analyzer app for my cell phone, so I could see the wifi signals in the room and adjust my network if needed.