Harmony Singer 2 Issues [Resolved]

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    Firmware Update Failed - Fixed!

    Just wanted to thank Craig and Spencer for posting how to correct a failed firmware update. I thought i could add the missing bits that I had to discover.

    During the update to build 12 i suspect my front usb port on my tower failed (i have intermittent connection for my phone with that port as well) which caused the same "brick" behaviour in that when i turned on the HS2 i got a green light and that's it - no other lights and the buttons did not work and no audio output at all.

    I googled for Bome SendSX and was able to install it easily.

    Fix was to:
    - Connect the device to a more stable (back) usb port
    - Close all programs in windows
    - Start the device in boot mode by holding down the footswitch and tone while powering up, let windows recognize it
    - Start Bome and select the HS2 under Midi Out
    - Set the Actual Midi Speed to 3125 bytes/second under Options->Settings, to speed up the transfer from default but still a safe slow value i think
    - Send the secret code via Bome "F0 00 01 38 00 60 7E 7E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F7"
    - Send the build 12 file that had VoiceSupport2 had already downloaded, this was the step i didn't understand but after some searching i found the file in my AppData folder:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TC-Helicon\VoiceSupport 2\Harmony Singer 2\firmware\Harmony Singer 2 1.0.04 Build12.syx. If AppData is not visible you'll need to tell Windows to show hidden folders in the Control Panel.
    - Wait for device to stop blinking and it reboots on its own, after reboot the tone and footswitch lights came on so i knew it probably worked
    - Power off and disconnect usb
    - Power on and enjoy harmonies all day!

    Thanks again, was sad for a bit when i thought i had just bricked the device less than an hour after unboxing, and would have to return. Your posts really saved me!