Harmony Singer 2 Issues [Resolved]

  1. #41 by Spencer Larsen on 5 Days Ago
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    Issue is resolved!

    Hey everyone,
    We've fixed it! There is now an update available on VoiceSupport - firmware build 12 - which will fix this random distortion issue. Please hook your pedal up and update the firmware, you'll be good to go.
    In basic terms, Harmony Singer 2 was typically running at about 99% with its internal processing, but some particular inputs were enough to push it to 101% and cause the XLR output to get garbled. We were up against a wall to preserve battery life, but with some clever optimization and moving things around, our engineers were able to grant additional headroom and prove this issue will not rear its distorted head again.
    This issue was input-dependent, which is why only some Harmony Singer 2 users encountered it. Vocal input with many consonants and "S" sounds would stress out our harmony algorithm, which is always listening with a preference for pitched sounds. Bon Iver would have been fine but beatboxing would result in making you sound like a robot in a ceiling fan.
    Many many thanks to everyone in this and other related threads who helped me to track this issue down. Not everyone had the time to stick around and troubleshoot a temperamental pedal, which is absolutely understandable, but those of you who did are greatly appreciated. I apologize for how long this took to rectify. It was a tricky process narrowing down the cause, but once I did, the engineers were great about dropping their work on new products to repair an existing one.
    Thanks again to everyone here for their help. Hopefully now y'all can learn to trust this pedal again and get back to making music with it

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    Congratulations and glad you could find and fix the problem. I'm wondering now how you can inform every HS2 user in the world, and espacially non-english speaking people. I'm French and I'm used to search infos on international forums. That's how I got here. But what about other users who are not able to write a research in english on the net? Regards, Sam
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    Thanks Spencer!
    After 2 days testing of a new FW, i can confirm that it works without issues. All the "P" or "S"es and beatboxing didn't distort a voice, so - so far so good. Credit to the team!
  4. #44 by Craig Kickbush on 8 Hours Ago
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    Hi there,
    In updating the firmware I've managed to brick my pedal. I'm not sure what went wrong but I've done it before with no issues. I've since discovered that if you hold down the footswitch and the tone button while turning on it goes into a "boot" mode (and shows up as a usb audio device "Harmony Singer 2 Boot".

    I found the sysex file with the updated firmware and sent it to the pedal via Bomes' Send SX. All seemed to be good (two red lights and power light flashing green as data is received), however once that happens it seems to hang on both red lights and power light flashing orange, I've left it for 20 mins and no change. Powering down just brings the device back to bricked mode (obviously the update is failing). Is there some process I'm missing here? It seems like I'm a step away from making the pedal usable again, but this isn't quite it.