VL3X not booting up! AGAIN! 3rd unit now

  1. #11 by Fast Heart Mart on 03-03-2018
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    Well, I've been using my unit exclusively with my portable power outlet http://a.co/0rZlGAc for about a month now and so far no problems with the unit booting up etc.. I hope this continues to work!!!
  2. #12 by Roger Karr on 04-14-2018
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    System reset worked!

    This morning my VL2 went into a repeat boot cycle. I went out to TC Helicon support to get help and because this unit I bought from a friend (who had never used it) I was not able to get support as I didn't have a factory warranty.
    The suggestion to use the system maintenance boot and a factory reset worked to resolve my issue. I always back up my loops so I didn't lose anything.