New Harmony Singer2 - How many mA does it require?

  1. #1 by Peter Justine on 01-26-2017
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    New Harmony Singer2 - How many mA does it require?

    I am so excited that the new stompboxes, such as the Harmony Singer2, will run on 9v instead of 12v! I am planning to put one on my pedalboard and run it off of my Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+, but just need to know how many mA it actually requires so as to know which power outlet to use on there (or if I need to double up for more mA etc...). Thanks!
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 02-17-2017
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    At least 670mA as per our spec. When it's running it's actually closer to 180mA but the initial startup takes a bit more of a boost.
  3. #3 by Ezri Shaharuddin on 12-22-2017
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    Hi Spencer,

    I have a 9V DC adapter with 600mA. Does it still work to power the HS2 properly?


  4. #4 by Spencer Larsen on 01-30-2018
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    Yep, that'll still power it just fine. If you look on the bottom of your pedal you'll see the power requirement on the sticker.

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    Pedal Board Power Supply

    I want to set up a pedal board for my TC Helicon pedals and use a single power supply for all 4 pedals. I have a Polytune 3 pedal and a Bodyrez pedal that require 9 volts and a version 1 Harmony Singer and Mic Mechanic that require 12 volts. As long as I have enough milliamps for all 4 pedals will they operate on 9 volt power? Is it possible to use 12 volts to power all 4 without damage to the 9 volt pedals?