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  2. VoiceSupport2 does not have a valid digital signature

    ok. I just found that I do not need to install VoiceSupport on my DAW machine. However, I do value my privacy and security.
    My Norton Security just notified me when opening up the software....
  3. Monitoring does not respect panning in the X32 rack edition

    Hi all,

    I am using the X32 as a sound interface for my DAW. I managed to set up the X32 for that. I have my monitors connected to the monitor out outputs.
    However, when I pan a track in the DAW,...
  4. Sticky: Voice Cross Trainer App Discontinuation

    Hi folks,
    I'm here to pass on an announcement from our mobile team. We have made the choice to discontinue app support for the Voice Cross Trainer app, as opposed to simply letting it die due to...
  5. 20 Hours Ago

    I'm Not Dead Yet

    "I'm Not Dead Yet" is my November 2017 song. This song was written with about my own feelings, as well as, for those of us that are not willing to let go of our dreams. For those that keep pushing...